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This was a tough one! The winner is VertuoPlus purely based on better brewing experience with Vertuo line machines. Premium looking, multiple capsule options, and brews good espresso with rich crema.

Nespresso Citiz is extremely convenient when you want to place it for others to enjoy an array of coffee capsules, while VertuoPlus is for those who want to drink a good coffee at home!

Nespresso Citiz is a popular espresso-only maker, that works with the 19-bar pressure pump technology, to pierce the capsule cover and produce aroma-rich coffee. It is still sought after by many for its simplicity and being less error-prone. You can’t see the rich crema like the same brew from a Vertuo line machine.

Vertuo Plus was one of my earliest Nespresso machines that had the most premium look, with an auto-closing lid and auto-capsule detection mechanism. Released in early 2017, and currently replaced by other Vertuo line machines, this still is sought after by many.

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  • VertuoPlus is the oldest Vertuo line machine released in 2017, while Citiz is one of the earliest models (pre-2010) from Nespresso that is still relevant
  • Vertuo Plus can brew 4 capsule sizes from the Vertuo line capsules (except XL/Alto capsules). Nespresso Citiz only brews 2 capsule sizes available as part of the original line capsules.
  • Nespresso Citiz is compact and sleek (1 L reservoir) and has a manual lid-closing system. VertuoPlus is premium-looking, larger reservoir (1.2L), and has an automatic lid closing + barcode scanning system.
  • Nespresso Citiz brews coffee faster, thanks to its simple pre-heat cycle(measured at 50+ seconds for the standard capsule), while VertuoPlus takes 60-75 seconds to brew the M-size capsule.
  • VertuoPlus automatically chooses the optimum mug size and other parameters by reading the barcode, while Nespresso Citiz provides espresso and Lungo buttons to let you choose the mug size.

Quick Glance

Nespresso Citiz

Release Date – Early 2017

Water Reservoir – 34 Oz (1 L)

Size – 8.61W x 14.65D x 10.75H

Brew Sizes – 1.3 oz, 5 oz

Detachable reservoir + carbon filter

Allows Non-Nespresso capules

High-Pressure brewing technology

Cannot fit Carafe

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Release Date – 2017

Water Reservoir – 37 Oz (1.1 L)

Size – 16.8″D x 5.6″W x 12.36″H

Automatic closing Lid design

Brew Sizes1.3, 2, 5, 8 oz

Detachable reservoir + carbon filter

Barcode Scanner restriction

Cannot brew Alto/Carafe capsules

Nespresso Vertuo Plus – Nespresso’s early Vertuo line model (released in 2017) that wanted to enter the premium espresso market. It has an auto-closing lid, a simple and intuitive design, and can brew 4 types of Vertuo capsules (cannot brew an Alto/Cold coffee capsule). If you are looking for a premium espresso-only maker, then this should be your choice because of the price point compared to other “premium” espresso machines.

Nespresso Citiz – Nespresso citiz is a “True” espresso machine, in the sense that it uses the 19-bar pressure system to push the coffee out of the grounds in the coffee capsule. They have standard 1.3 Oz(espresso) and 5 oz (Mug) sizes only and are very simple to use. They usually don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles and most importantly can’t produce the “creme” layer on top as well as the Vertuo line machines.

Design and Look

When it comes to design, Nespresso VertuoPlus is hands down the best looking, smooth finish(If you go for the cylinder) and also comes in multiple colors. Nespresso Citiz has an old-school look, with a streamlined silhouette protruding from the front.

VertuoPlus is bigger overall than Citiz and can be a good addition to make the room look modern. The Citiz is compact and can be placed in places where there is not a lot of space. Though VertuoPlus can hold more water than Citiz, the reservoir is narrow and longer compared to Citiz to support easily moving the reservoir a full 180-degree.

Color Options

Vertuo Plus is available in various colors including Black, Grey, White, and Red (specifically in the De’longhi version), the Vertuo Plus offers a variety to suit different kitchen decors.

Nespresso Citiz also has many options, Citiz comes in White, Black, Chrome, and Cherry Red. These options provide a blend of classic and vibrant tones, catering to varying aesthetic preferences.

Tank Capacity and Features

Vertuo Plus has a superior thermal unit to support its big 37-oz water tank that also has a rapid 20-second heat-up time. The movable water reservoir, which can be positioned at the back or angled at 45 or 90 degrees to the side, adds to its versatility in the type of kitchen top or table-top it can fit.

Citiz has a 34-ounce tank, which is enough for 5 back-to-back espresso brewing (Size-M). It also features a sleek aluminum exterior and a folding cup tray, accommodating different mug sizes.

Pod Extraction System and Pre-Heat Cycle

The pod extraction system in both models plays a crucial role in the flavor and quality of the brew.

Vertuo Plus uses a unique centrifusion technology where the capsule spins up to 7,000 rotations per minute, blending ground coffee with water to produce the perfect crema. The pre-heat cycle recommendation involves running the machine for at least a minute or initiating a preheat cycle by pressing the button thrice quickly.

I felt that the VertuoPlus brewing experience is much better, compared to other modern options like Vertuo Next and Vertuo Pop, because the water heats up and the capsule spins in a single motion producing a rich creme, while the recent machines have a 2-stage, with a weird reduction in the capsule speed towards the end that just drips coffee at the end

The Citiz still uses the “typical” espresso-making technique, that is, a high-pressure system (19 bars), that extracts rich flavor and aroma from the capsules. Its pre-heat cycle is comparably efficient, ensuring the machine is ready for use promptly.

Note that Citiz does not produce crema like a brew from the Vertuo line of machines.

Compatible Nespresso Capsules

When considering the Nespresso Vertuo Plus and the Nespresso Citiz, one of the key differences lies in their compatibility with Nespresso capsules, a factor that directly impacts the variety of coffee experiences they offer.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is designed specifically for Nespresso’s Vertuo line capsules. This model can accommodate four types of Vertuo capsules, but it’s noteworthy that it does not support the Alto or Cold coffee capsules (XL).

The Vertuo Plus’s capsule system is unique because of the barcode scanning technology. Each capsule has a barcode that the machine reads to tailor the brewing parameters (like pressure, and water temperature) to the specific type of coffee, that alters the final coffee experience. Note that the capsule “options” are limited, and any other knock-off or store-bought capsule will not work.

Bianco Doppio
Vertuo Capsule (Flavour – Doppio). Source: HomeCoffeeWizard

In contrast, the Nespresso Citiz is versatile in its capsule compatibility. It is designed for the Nespresso Original Line capsules, which are widely available and offer a broad range of coffee types and flavors.

Significantly, the Citiz is also compatible with third-party capsules made for the Original Line, increasing the scope of coffee choices and allowing for a cheaper option if you are placing the machine in a business or front desk.

From the cost standpoint, every 10 capsules in the Vertuo line costs you roughly $5, while a store-bought or supermarket capsule that fits the “original line” can get you 15 capsules for the same price!

Non-nespresso capsules
Non-Nespresso capsules can be used in Citiz. Avoid plastic capsules to improve the longevity of the machine.

I like the Vertuo capsules, due to the variety and different brew size variations. It feels more gourmet to try the Vertuo line coffee, while the original line capsules are limited in cup size but provide the option to use any coffee flavor that is non-Nespresso.

Capsule sizesVertuo PlusOriginal Citiz
Espresso (1.35 oz) / S
Double Espresso / M
Gran Lungo (5 oz) / M
Coffee (8 oz) / L
Cold brew / XL (12 oz)

Mug Capacity

For mug accessories, like the coffee mug, carafe, and Alto glass mug, Vertuo Plus supports all accessories because of the height, while Nespresso citiz cannot fit everything. Firstly, the capsules themselves won’t fit(There are no Alto/Carafe capsules in the original line).

In Nespresso VertuoPlus, the Alto (XL) capsule will not work, even though it will sit and the needle will puncture just as usual. Be aware of this before you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

The following table shows the accessories that fit both Vertuo Plus and Nespresso Citiz

AccessoriesVertuo PlusNespresso Citiz
Espresso, coffee cup, and Reveal Mug

Machine Controls

Lid Design

The lid design of Nespresso machines plays a significant role in their functionality and user experience. The Nespresso Vertuo Plus features a motorized automatic locking lid. This automatic mechanism enhances the user experience by simplifying the process of capsule insertion and ejection.

The motorized lid also adds a touch of sophistication to the machine’s operation, unlike Vertuo Citiz, where you need to manually lock the lid every time and handle capsule ejection issues (sometimes the capsule doesn’t sit properly for puncturing)


Nespresso citiz controls
Citiz Contains only Lungo and Espresso buttons only. Source: HomeCoffeeWizard

In contrast, the Nespresso Citiz adopts a more straightforward approach with its lid design. It incorporates simple, user-friendly espresso and lungo buttons, ensuring ease of use and accessibility. The Citiz’s lid design reflects its focus on efficiency and straightforward functionality, making it a practical choice for users who prioritize quick and hassle-free operation.

ModeVertuo CitizVertuo Plus
Turn onPress the Espresso or Lungo buttonPress the brew button once to turn on
BrewingAfter turning on the machine, press the espresso (40 ml) or Lungo(110 ml) buttonPress the lid lever once, wait for the barcode scanner and press the brew button
Cleaning/RinsingTurn on, and without the capsule run the water by pressing Lungo button, repeat 3 timesPress the brew button 3 times under 2 seconds
DescalingTurn on, and without the capsule run the water by pressing the Lungo button, repeat 3 timesLid in close position, Hold the lever + brew button for 3 seconds. Now press the lever once then the brew button to start descaling.
Concentrated extract
Programmable coffee volumeHold the brew button till the desired coffee volume is reached. The setting is saved for the next brew cycle
Factor resetAfter pouring the descaling solution, Lock the lid, then hold the Espresso + Lungo button for 5 secondsLid in close position, Hold the lever + brew button for 3 seconds. Press the lever 3 times followed by the brew button once to enter the descaling mode

Bluetooth Connectivity

Regarding Bluetooth connectivity, both the Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Nespresso Citiz maintain a straightforward approach, as neither machine features Bluetooth capabilities. The only purpose of Bluetooth is over-the-air updates and monitoring of common issues like descaling/cleaning (that is only available in the latest Vertuo variants like Vertuo Pop and Vertuo Next)

Machine Noise and Usability

The Nespresso Citiz excels in brewing espresso(S-size capsule) in under 50 seconds. This quick brewing capability is a standout feature, making it an ideal choice for those needing a coffee fix without a long wait. Its high-pressure pump system efficiently extracts rich flavors from the Nespresso capsules in a short time frame.

Vertuo Plus on the other hand heats the water and spins in the same motion. Towards the end, the machine whirring stops spurting the remaining coffee in the nozzle. This reduces the coffee brewing time, where an S-size capsule brews in under 50 seconds (without considering the barcode scanning time), while an L-sized capsule brews in less than 70 seconds.

In terms of noise levels, the Vertuo Plus offers a quieter brewing experience. This reduced noise output adds to the convenience, particularly in settings where minimizing disturbance is essential, such as early mornings or in office environments.

While the Citiz is efficient in brewing time, it is known to be a bit noisier during operation. This noise level, though noticeable, is typical for high-pressure espresso machines and is a minor trade-off for its quick and efficient brewing performance.

Overall, VertuoPlus is the quieter of the two and brews a smooth coffee every single time. With that said, the overall brewing is very simple, and no-nonsense. Press a button and get your coffee with no extra effort!

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning a Nespresso is super easy! Just add water to the tank and quickly press the brew button 3 times(in VertuoPlus) or press and hold the espresso and lungo button for 3 seconds (in Nespresso Citiz) to start the rinsing/cleaning. If you’re using flavored coffee or cocoa capsules, it’s a good idea to clean them. The nozzle might have some leftover stuff from your last brew.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Citiz come with a removable tank and handy water filter support for a breeze of clean-up.

I clean the tank once every 2 weeks, and the removable tank on the side comes in handy. The needle can be cleaned manually with a cloth. Ensure that there is no capsule in the holder when you are running the cleaning process.

The process of descaling both machines is quite similar. Pour the descaling solution into the tank and press and hold the brew button for 7 seconds.

I would recommend using the descaling solution from Nespresso and not citric or vinegar extract as the descaling solution. [4]

Troubleshooting the Nespresso Vertuo line machine is effortless, they have multi-colored blinking lights indicating when you need to descale or clean the machine.

Troubleshooting Citiz is also relatively easy, considering the buttons light up depending on the error. Ensure to follow the troubleshooting guide in case you come across any unknown light combination.

Overall, both Nespresso Citiz and VertuoPlus are intuitive enough to understand, this simple setting makes both land in a tie when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

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Best Overall – What should you buy?

Vertuo PlusIf you want a premium espresso maker that can be used in a small business or for personal use. Note that the machine is quite heavy and cannot be easily moved around. It cannot make a large carafe or Alto cold coffee capsules, therefore is limited to only a premium espresso/coffee maker.

Nespresso Citiz – If you want a compact, espresso-only maker that can be apt for a business setup or personal use. I would go for Citiz if you want multiple capsule options. Some of my favorite coffee brands support only the original line of capsules and can be a great addition to your kitchen.

If you are looking for a simple, no-brainer espresso maker then go for Citiz, or if you want to splurge some extra dollars to see an automated lid-closing espresso maker then go for VertuoPlus!

Barath is a coffee lover, who has been brewing his coffee at home for several years. He talks about coffee tasting, brewing guides and much more in home coffee wizard. Follow barath on X (twitter) @diputsC