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Vertuo Next Vs Vertuo Plus Deluxe

I researched a lot to understand Vertuo Next Deluxe but found that Vertuo Next Deluxe and Vertuo Next are similar models except for some minor color options.

This article is a guide about Vertuo Next vs Vertuo Plus Deluxe or Vertuo Deluxe in some countries.

The winner is Vertuo Next based on the cost-to-benefit consideration. Has a simplecompact look, is well under budget, and can brew all the Nespresso capsules (5 types) that are currently available. Vertuo Plus Deluxe is the larger water tank variant of Vertuo Plus which was released in 2017 and has a Premium design compared to Vertuo Next.

Vertuo Plus was one of my earliest Nespresso machines that had the most premium look, with an auto-closing lid and auto-capsule detection mechanism. But released in early 2017, this does not have the same charm in 2023 with other competing Vertuo line espresso machines.

Short on time?

  • Vertuo Next is the recent release from Nespresso (2021), while VertuoPlus Deluxe is one of the earliest models (2017) from the Vertuo Line
  • Vertuo Next can brew 5 capsule sizes, including the Alto/Carafe XL capsules. VertuoPlus can only brew 4 and has a known complaint, where the XL pods fit the capsule holder but it does not brew because of an older barcode scanning system.
  • Vertuo Next is similar in size to Vertuo Plus Deluxe and has a manual lid-closing system. VertuoPlus Deluxe is premium-looking, larger reservoir (1.8L), and has an automatic lid closing + barcode scanning system.
  • Vertuo Next is slower to brew coffee (measured at 100+ seconds for the standard capsule), while VertuoPlus Deluxe brews a smooth brew in under 60-75 seconds
  • Both Vertuo Next and Vertuo Plus Deluxe have a programmable water mode, that lets you reduce the amount of water for a stronger coffee.

Quick Glance

Nespresso Vertuo Next

Release Date – 2021

Water Reservoir – 37 Oz (1.1 L)

Size – 16.8″D x 5.6″W x 12.36″H

Controls – Concentrated coffee

Brew Sizes – 1.3, 2, 5, 8, 12 oz

Detachable reservoir + carbon filter

Barcode Scanner restriction

Bluetooth Connectivity

Carafe, Alto height

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe

Release Date – 2017

Water Reservoir – 60 Oz (1.8 L)

Size – 16.8″D x 5.6″W x 12.36″H

Controls – Concentrated coffee

Brew Sizes1.3, 2, 5, 8 oz only

Detachable reservoir + carbon filter

Barcode Scanner restriction

No Bluetooth Connectivity

Cannot brew Alto/Carafe capsules

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe – Identical to VertuoPlus with a larger water reservoir (60 oz). This model (released in 2017) wanted to enter the premium espresso market. It has an auto-closing lid, a simple and intuitive design, and can brew 4 types of Vertuo capsules (cannot brew an Alto/Cold coffee capsule). If you are looking for a premium espresso-only maker, then this should be your choice because of the price point compared to other “premium” espresso machines.

Nespresso Vertuo Next – The machine has been around for some time. After early models of Vertuo Next exhibited leakage and descaling issues, recent versions, post-2023, have rectified these issues. It is suitable for small business settings and daily use. It accommodates a large carafe and shares features with Vertuo Plus variants.

Design and Look

When it comes to design, the Nespresso Vertuo Next is sleek and compact. It is in the same height as VertuoPlus Deluxe. The water reservoir capacity of Vertuo Next is 750ml less than Vertuo Plus Deluxe.

Both the coffee makers look sleek and do not have the plastic feel that you find in cheap coffee makers.

Color Option

Vertuo Plus DeluxeAvailable in 3 chrome finish colors (Black, Grey, and White). Red color VertuoPlus Deluxe is available with the De’longhi version and is found on Amazon sometimes.

Non-US VertuoPlus Deluxe comes only with the 3 colors and I could not find any other colors from the different manufacturers.

Check out the Vertuo Next, Vertuo Next Deluxe, and Vertuo Next Premium colors. The only difference between the 3 models is the difference in color options, while Vertuo Next comes in standard colors, Deluxe and Premium have matte finish and chrome finish respectively.

Check the Vertuo Plus Deluxe option here.

Tank Capacity

The water reservoir’s purpose is to allow consecutive brews rather than to serve as extensive water storage. As such, the majority of brews use no more than 350ml (approximately 12 oz). The machine supports the full range of capsule sizes in the brand’s assortment.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe and Vertuo Next have the same thermal unit, which takes less than 20 seconds to heat the water.

Vertuo Plus additionally has a movable water reservoir while Vertuo Next has a stationary water tank fixed at the back. You can adjust the tank in VertuoPlus to be at the back, 45 or 90 degrees on the side. This is helpful for those who have a short countertop. This is a thoughtful design, that caught the attention of a lot of buyers when Vertuo Plus was released in 2017. It is still relevant today because the movable water reservoir makes it easy to put the machine in a corner without worrying about it protruding over the counter.

Vertuo Next and Deluxe are not easy to pack, weigh around 4.5Kg and have a bigger tank. If you are looking for a sturdy coffee machine for a small business or even for a home, then Vertuo Plus is your best choice.

WINNER - Vertuo Plus Deluxe

Compatible Nespresso Capsules

The Vertuo Next supports the latest vertuoline capsules. This includes the Espresso (S), Double Espresso (M), Gran Lungo (M), Coffee (L), and Cold Brew (XL) capsule variants.

Vertuo Plus Deluxe on the other hand does not support the XL capsule. This is a disadvantage because you cannot enjoy the regular Alto XL or Cold brew capsules in VertuoPlus Deluxe.

Capsule sizesVertuoPlus DeluxeVertuo Next
Espresso (1.35 oz) / S
Double Espresso / M
Gran Lungo (5 oz) / M
Coffee (8 oz) / L
Cold brew / XL (12 oz)
Alto XL is only compatible with Vertuo Next variants and does not work with VertuoPlus Deluxe.

Programmable Water Mode

You can also achieve concentrated extraction mode/programmable water volume mode in both machines.

The following table contains the maximum coffee content to achieve concentrated coffee. Though it is difficult to program the water level, you can use any of the marked coffee glasses and set the concentration content.

This is a roundabout way, which is made easier by the new Vertuo Pop machines

Capsule sizesExtracted Coffee Quantity
Espresso (1.35 oz) / SGives 0.85 oz
Double Espresso / MGives 1.4 oz
Gran Lungo (5 oz) / MGives 1.4 oz
Coffee (8 oz) / LGives 2.7 oz
Cold brew / XL (12 oz)
WINNER - Vertuo Next

Mug Capacity

For mug accessories, like the coffee mug, carafe, and Alto glass mug, Vertuo Plus Deluxe, and Next can fit all the accessories because of their height.

Note that the Alto XL capsule itself might fit Vertuo Plus Deluxe, but the brewing will result in an error because it is not programmed to read a 12 oz capsule.

There is a workaround, where the recommendation is to remove the barcode on the Alto XL capsule and replace it with the previous 14 Oz capsule (No longer available in the USA) or a smaller 8 oz capsule barcode and produce the coffee.

AccessoriesVertuo NextVertuo Plus
Espresso, coffee cup, and Reveal Mug


Water Reservoir

As mentioned above, Vertuo Next has a fixed-position removable water reservoir at the back while Vertuo Plus Deluxe has a movable water tank. This makes it easy to place the Vertuo Plus deluxe irrespective of the type of countertop you have.

In terms of ease of accessing and cleaning the water tank, Vertuo Plus Deluxe is better.

Accessing the Capsule Ejection Tray

Unlike some coffee machines that eject the tray from the front, the capsule ejection tray for Vertuo Next is on the side. This is not very convenient, primarily because you now can’t put the coffee machine in a corner without having to move it to clean the tray constantly.

On the other hand, Vertuo Plus Deluxe has an ejection tray on the back (SIGH!), along with the movable water reservoir, this is very difficult to move the machine if the backside is close to the wall, and move the water tank to the side before removing the ejection tray.

Vertuo Plus Deluxe and Vertuo Next have the same size ejection holder. This means you can collect up to 10 capsules within it.

Third-party capsules

Unlike a Keurig machine where you can use knockoff capsules, Nespresso has a barcode scanning technology to identify the pod size and the concentration it needs to be brewed in. Therefore, you are restricted to only using Nespresso capsules. All Vertuo line machines come with barcode technology, leaving you with roughly 40 odd capsule choices from Nespresso.

Some customers (including me!) think there are pros and cons to this approach. Apart from the business value for Nespresso, where you have to keep buying the aluminum capsules to brew a coffee, they also increase the longevity of the machine itself.

Knock-off capsules often have different sealing material causing the needle to break faster.

No option of using the “reusable capsules” that you find on Amazon or Walmart. Both Vertuo Next and Vertuo Plus Deluxe have a barcode scanner at the bottom and it is a pain to make the reusable capsules work.

Some people get reusable capsules like this one from Amazon and need to peel the barcode from a used pod and stick it here to make it work. I tried these techniques and think they make very weak coffee with no creme layer. Vertuo Next and Vertuo Plus Deluxe are restricted by the capsules that you find only on the Nespresso official store.

Barcode Scanning technology

Nespresso employs barcode scanning technology to authenticate the capsule, thereby constraining the use to official Nespresso capsules. This limitation inherits both positive and negative aspects. Non-genuine capsules tend to have differing seals, potentially accelerating machine wear. Reusable capsules found on marketplaces like Amazon are incompatible due to these scanners, often yielding substandard coffee.

WINNER - Vertuo Next

Machine Controls

Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus Deluxe Lid design
Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus Deluxe lid design is different. The VertuoNext deluxe comes in a chrome finish and is not different from Vertuo Next.

Lid design

The first thing that caught my eye with VertuoPlus Deluxe was the smooth motorized automatic locking lid. With a touch of the lever(press the lever once), the lid automatically closes and the capsule scanning starts. This roughly takes 25-30 seconds (lights blink during this time) and the coffee is ready to brew.

However, in Vertuo Next, you need to close the lid and turn the lever manually to lock. The capsule scanning starts only after you press the brew button. I felt the barcode scanner to be faster in Vertuo Plus Deluxe (under 10 seconds) before the machine started whirring.

VertuoPlus Deluxe gives a very premium touch to the espresso machine lineups and is not found in any entry to medium-level espresso machines in the market today.

That being said, it introduces an additional point of failure to troubleshoot, which could explain why this motorized lid closing mechanism has been dropped in the recent Nespresso machines.

Machine Controls

ModeControl Combination (Vertuo Next)Vertuo Plus Deluxe
Turn onPress the brew button once to turn onPress the brew button once to turn on
BrewingAfter turning on the machine, press the brew button oncePress the lid lever once, wait for the barcode scanner, and press the brew button
Cleaning/RinsingPress the brew button 3 times under 2 secondsPress the brew button 3 times under 2 seconds
DescalingAfter pouring the descaling solution, Lock, then unlock, then hold the brew button for 7 secondsLid in close position, Hold the lever + brew button for 3 seconds. Now press the lever once then the brew button to start descaling.
Programmable coffee volumePlace the capsule, and hold the brew button till the desired coffee volume is reached. This setting is saved for the next brew for that specific capsule sizeHold the brew button till the desired coffee volume is reached. The setting is saved for the next brew cycle
Factor resetLeave the lever in the unlocked position, Press brew 5 times in under 3 seconds to factory resetLid in close position, Hold the lever + brew button for 3 seconds. Press the lever 3 times followed by the brew button once to enter the descaling mode

I think the no-nonsense button pressing makes it super easy to brew your favorite coffee quickly.

You will additionally need the Aeroccino frother to enjoy the bolder tasting (dark roast) coffee, but can just pour skimmed milk over it and they taste just as fine.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity streamlines the process for firmware updates and troubleshooting, without necessitating a manual pairing process.

Vertuo Next has Bluetooth connectivity options. Note that the Bluetooth connectivity is turned on by default, so you don’t have to put the machine in any “pairing mode”.

This is particularly useful for receiving software updates and troubleshooting, though you can do most of the troubleshooting with just the colored blinking lights. For more information on this, read the Vertuo troubleshooting guide.

Vertuo Plus Deluxe does not have a Bluetooth connectivity mode. This means you do not get any “software updates” or “firmware updates” that can potentially fix issues without returning your machine.

That being said, I do not see any use for Bluetooth connectivity, because it is not like Nespresso solved a major problem with Vertuo Next using software updates overnight. If your machine is broken, it is broken and you need to replace it. Bluetooth is not a big selling point for me in either of these machines.

WINNER - Vertuo Next

Brew Time and Machine Noise (Usability)

Nespresso Vertuo Next can induce noticeable vibrations and noise, as the capsule reaches speeds of up to 4000 rpm. The brewing timeline spans roughly 60 seconds for small capsules, extending beyond 100 seconds for larger selections, including a 20-second heat-up interval.

Vertuo Next makes 2 noises at the start. One is the machine heating up, then the capsule spins using the Centrifusion technology to produce the creme-layered coffee [3].

For Vertuo Next, the overall time is roughly 60 seconds (for an S-size capsule) and increases to upwards of 100 seconds for an XL-sized capsule (including the 30-second heating) between every brew.

Vertuo Plus Deluxe on the other hand heats the water and spins in the same motion. Towards the end, the machine whirring stops spurting the remaining coffee in the nozzle. This reduces the coffee brewing time, where an S-size capsule brews in under 50 seconds (without considering the barcode scanning time), while an L-sized capsule brews in less than 70 seconds.

Vertuo Next has a weird reduction in speed during the brew, that is, it starts off brewing fast, producing the creme layer and the nozzle starts spurting out the coffee at a reduced speed.

Vertuo Plus on the other hand has a smooth brewing experience because it doesn’t slow down at any point till the coffee is finished spurting out of the nozzle.

This is alright, considering that there is no difference in taste but interesting to note that this is very evident with these 2 machines.

Overall, VertuoPlus Deluxe is the quieter of the two and brews a smooth coffee every single time. With that said, the overall brewing is very simple, and no-nonsense. Press a button and get your coffee with no extra effort!

WINNER - Vertuo Plus Deluxe

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning a Nespresso is super easy! Just add water to the tank and quickly press the brew button 3 times to start the rinsing/cleaning. If you’re using flavored coffee or cocoa capsules, it’s a good idea to clean them. The nozzle might have some leftover stuff from your last brew.

Both the Nespresso Vertuo Plus and Vertuo Next come with a removable tank and handy water filter support for a breeze of clean-up.

I clean the tank once every 2 weeks, and the removable tank on the side comes in handy. The needle can be cleaned manually with a cloth. Ensure that there is no capsule in the holder when you are running the cleaning process.

The process of descaling both Vertuo line machines is quite similar. Pour the descaling solution into the tank and press and hold the brew button for 7 seconds.

I would recommend using the descaling solution from Nespresso and not citric or vinegar extract as the descaling solution. [4]

Troubleshooting the Nespresso Vertuo line machine is effortless, they have multi-colored blinking lights indicating when you need to descale or clean the machine. Ensure to follow the troubleshooting guide in case you come across any unknown light combination.

Overall, both Vertuo Next and Vertuo Plus are intuitive enough to understand, this simple setting makes both land in a tie when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Best Overall – What should you buy?

Vertuo Plus DeluxeIf you want a premium espresso maker that can be used in a small business or for personal use. Note that the machine is quite heavy and cannot be easily moved around. It cannot make a large carafe or Alto cold coffee capsules, therefore is limited to only a premium espresso/coffee maker.

Vertuo NextIf you want an entry-level espresso maker that can be used in a small business or for personal use. Note that the machine is heavy and cannot be easily packed to carry around unlike the Vertuo pop.

In terms of features, Vertuo Next can brew all the capsules and is cheaper than Vertuo Plus. With that being said, VertuoPlus is a better option for small businesses than Vertuo Next.

I would recommend buying Vertuo Next if you are looking for an entry-level espresso maker and are on a tight budget. It gives an entrance into the Nespresso line of coffee brewing (centrifugation technology) and can help you upgrade to VertuoPlus line coffee makers later on.

If your option is only espresso brewing and have some money to spend go for the Deluxe. It is much sturdier, has a bigger water reservoir, and can make premium-tasting coffee every time.

Barath is a coffee lover, who has been brewing his coffee at home for several years. He talks about coffee tasting, brewing guides and much more in home coffee wizard. Follow barath on X (twitter) @diputsC