Nespresso Vertuo Next not working? 7 Easy fixes to try today!

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Here are the best ways to troubleshoot your Vertuo next not working problem. The easiest way is to use the official Nespresso App for error alerts on your phone.

If that does work out for you, I spent a whole day researching all possible problems with Nespresso Vertuo in particular that can be easily fixed by yourself.

Most Common Problems
Brewing stops with orange light blinking twice and turning white Put the machine in descale mode (or) do a factory reset
White blinking light and it does not start brewingInsert the capsule in the pod holder properly, and check if the water tank is empty. Lock the lid properly by pushing the lever to your left until you hear the clicking sound
Machine not turning ON
Hold the brew button for 3 seconds and unplug your machine from the power outlet and leave it alone for 20 minutes. Retry again to see if problem is fixed.
Some of the common problems are diagnosable and often related to wrongly inserted capsules, cleaning, and descaling related.

In this article, I will show you how to fix any problem with your Nespresso Vertuo next in particular. Read the guide on how to fix your Nespresso machine for other models.

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Vertuo Next not working with a Solid orange light blinking

Nespresso vertuo next not working with a solid red or orange light blinking.

The solid orange blinking light is the most common blinking light that indicates fixable problems. So do not worry!

The primary reason could be an empty water tank or an unlocked machine. Ensure to press the lid and push the lever to the left beyond the ‘LOCK’ symbol until you hear the ‘Click’ sound. Ensure there are no debris or particles stuck around the corners to prevent them from locking properly.

If this does not stop the orange blinking light, then this could be because of the following reasons.

  • Eject the capsule from the machine, clean the capsule tray, and wipe it dry.
  • Clean your machine. The other common problem is that the capsule unit is not cleaned properly. The vertuo next comes with an auto cleaning option, ensure to do this twice.

How to activate the cleaning mode on Vertuo next?

  1. Press the button 3 times in quick succession.
  2. Ensure that the water tank is at least half full
  3. The cleaning process can take up to 7 minutes and can be interrupted.

If the machine still has the solid orange blinking light, put the machine in ‘OFF’ mode by holding the coffee button for 3 seconds. Let the machine rest for some time before turning it back on.

Light blinks orange twice but goes back to white

Is your Vertuo next starting, then a whirring sound begins but the machine blinks orange twice and goes back to white? This is another common problem that can be fixed.

The common problems include

  1. Periodic descaling is not done
  2. It could be an unlocked lid. Ensure that the lid is locked completely, and check the lever once again.

To descale the Nespresso Vertuo next, do the following

  1. Use the Nespresso descaling agent (Recommended), but if you do not have one, you can use normal water. This might temporarily fix your machine but does not offer a permanent solution
  2. Ensure there is no capsule in the machine
  3. Do not lock the machine, leave it in the unlocked position after closing the lid
  4. Hold the coffee button for 7 seconds
  5. Ensure the container is half full, unlike cleaning, descaling does not need a lot of water, however, keeping a full tank of water will completely get drained. So, make sure not to waste a lot of water during descaling.
  6. The descaling runs for 20 minutes and cannot be interrupted. Ensure that there is a large enough container to catch the machine.
  7. Once done, clean the water in the tank to remove any agent that might be present. The descaling agent is corrosive and cannot be consumed, so keep it careful around kids and pets.
  8. As a pro-tip, I also activate the cleaning process after descaling, to ensure the residual descaling agent inside the machine is cleaned by the fresh water in the tank.

Nespresso Vertuo next blinking blue/purple light

The problem lies mostly with respect to the capsule/pod holder. This is a rare error, as only the initial versions of the espresso vertuo machine owners have reported this problem.

Try the following solution for this error

  1. Clean the pod holder properly. Often, the capsule is dirty or clogged. Perform a cleaning operation twice to see if this fixes the issue
  2. Open the lid and check that the needle that punctures the pod is rotating freely. If it doesn’t try turning it manually until it can spin freely.
  3. The final option is to use the espresso descaling agent for optimal descaling.
  4. If none of the solutions works, call customer support at their toll-free number 877-964-6299 or 800-562-1465 and use your lifetime assistance.

Vertuo next white light blinks twice and 1 pause

This indicator light does not denote any error with the machine. This means that there is a capsule inside the machine when it is descaling or cleaning. It could also blink if there is no capsule in the machine if you are trying to brew.

  1. Are you trying to brew the coffee? Ensure that there is a verified capsule present in the machine. There is a barcode reader that consumes a few seconds for the machine to start up, during which the white light might blink.
  2. Failure to read the barcode could be the reason why the machine continues to blink twice. Ensure the capsule holder is clean.
  3. Are you trying to descale or clean? The capsule should not be present for this operation. Eject any capsule before starting the process

Light blinks 3 times and pauses

Does your vertuo next blinks thrice and pause when you click the brew button? This is a newer blinking light that indicates that there is a need for descaling. It should not stop you from brewing your coffee but suggests that the machine needs to be descaled

If the machine does not start brewing, attempt the full descaling process

Light blinks but vertuo next does not start

The most common problem reported for no blinking light and the machine not starting is an empty water tank.

If there is enough water but the machine still does not start, try the following

  1. Improper capsule placement. Sometimes the capsule does not sit in the pod holder properly. Check for any blockages in the pod holder, and if needed, perform the cleaning process
  2. Have you been using the machine extensively? The machine internals might have heated up. Cool it down by turning the machine off by holding the brew button for 3 seconds
  3. Turn it back on, and wait for the blinking light to stop.
  4. Rest it now for at least 20 minutes to cool it down completely.

Some odd issues like the Vertuo next stuck in descaling mode could also be the reason for this problem. If nothing works, do a factory reset by holding the coffee brew button for a minimum of 7 seconds.

No light blinking and Vertuo next does not start

First, ensure that the capsule is inserted and the lever is in locked position. At this point, the light should turn back on

If nothing works, it is time to call Nespresso support at 800-566-0571

Nespresso support often tries to resolve the problem on either voice or a video call, depending on the issue.

Will you get a replacement if your Nespresso Vertuo is not working?

If none of this works out, you will get the machine replaced if it is under the warranty period. Some customers have even been presented with a different machine as a loaner till they diagnose the problem. It is not advised to open the machine on your own

As a final resort, replace the machine with the Nespresso Vertuo Plus. This machine is $50 more than Vertuo Next but has a built-in milk-frother and if you need to brew that perfect coffee for months without any problem, this reliable machine will come in handy.

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