Nespresso Vertuo leaking water or coffee underneath (100% fix)

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Nespresso Vertuo Leaks

If your Nespresso is leaking water underneath, the common issues are improper descaling (leaks dirty water underneath), water tank blockage, or clogged water tube.

If it leaks coffee instead, it can be because of a full drip/capsule tray, bad internal circuitry, or other rotator problems. It is advisable to approach customer support in this case.

Having used the Nespresso for more than 2 years, I only faced leakage when the water tank was not sitting properly with the base of the Nespresso. The issue can be tiresome to fix because of multiple reasons contributing to the problem.

After spending over a week, I have compiled this guide to explain most of the problems and solutions to fix a leaking Nespresso.

If you are unsure, most of the issues can be fixed by properly descaling your Nespresso using the recommended descaling kitDo not use vinegar or citric acid as your descaling agent. They can contribute adversely to your machine’s health and your coffee in the long run.

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Most Common Problems
Leaking water underneathMost common problem. Sign of badly positioned water tank. Fix this by using an O-ring or sealant grease or replace the water tank.
For more persistent issues, unclog the water tube running on the bottom
Leaking unclear waterIf you haven’t descaled in a while and use hard water, there is a formation of thick scales inside. Descale properly using the recommended descaling kit.
Leaking coffeeMost common problem. Sign of badly positioned water tank. Fix this by using an O-ring or sealant grease or replace the water tank.
For more persistent issues, unclog the water tube running on the bottom
There could be some amount of coffee dripping from the nozzle after brewing is completed. This is normally the excess coffee that is in the nozzle tubes and should be minimal in amount.

Coffee dripping from the nozzle?

Use the cup tray to catch the excess water dripping from the nozzle

It is generally okay if the coffee drips after the brewing is completed. The excess water in the needle nozzle drips out (usually in lesser quantity). Instead, if the water drops out of the nozzle for a prolonged period, it could be because of a dirty needle.

If you have noticed that your coffee is getting watery, then poor maintenance could be a reason. Recommend reading this guide I wrote some time ago on how to take good care of your Nespresso easily at home. The cause of watery coffee and how to clean your dirty needle is explained in the guide.

As long as you use a coffee tray, the water dripping out of the nozzle is not a major issue. This can be cumbersome for Nespresso pop users(like me), where the few drops of coffee that spurt out of the nozzle cause stains around the tabletop.

Descaling issue

Does your Nespresso Vertuo leak unclear water from the bottom? This can be a sign of the formation of scales (hopefully there is not a mega leak anywhere). The pipes now need to pump the water with higher pressure if there are scales in the tubes (a sign of hard water usage).

If the pipes did break or the tubes inside are worn out then you need to consult Nespresso care. If you are unsure, then prefer descaling the machine once and verify if the unclear water is still present under the Nespresso.

The simplest thing to try would be to use the recommended descaling kit and follow my guide on proper descaling technique to clean your Nespresso properly. Note, that I stress on the importance of following the guide because descaling Vertuo is not straightforward. You often get stuck in the descaling mode if you miss a step.

Leaky Water Tank

If you are looking at clear water leaking from the back of the Nespresso, this is a sign of an improperly sealed water tank.

Nespresso vertuo tank inside and the bottom
inside and the bottom
of Nespresso Vertuo water tank

Notice that the water tank sits on the back of your Nespresso (or the side) through a locking connection. This connection has to be tight in place and allow the water to be sucked in by the tubes on the bottom.

Notice that if you press on the bottom(right pic) it has a spring action that moves the black lock thereby releasing the water.

Over time, the components wear out or lose the alignment, and open up a leakage. This is not difficult to fix because you can use a sealant grease or an O-ring depending on your Vertuo type.

First, inspect if the water tank is not sitting properly because nothing is blocking the tiny holes on the inside. If there is wear and tear on the bottom (right pic) then you can simply replace the water tank.

Instead, if the O-ring (left pic) on the inside has become loose, then you can get a replacement O-ring and fix the issue yourself. If you are not sure, then a simple solution would be to apply sealant grease on the inside (where the o-ring sits and not block the water passage).

Clogged Water Tube

If the water tank is not causing the leakage, the clear water can still be a sign of water tube blockage.

You can start first by running a cleaning cycle with warm water (within 60-70). Note that I am not mentioning boiling water because the tubes inside cannot withstand higher temperatures. It is safe to use warm water to push the debris through the tube.

If this still does not solve your problem, then you need to get down and push the debris out yourself. Note that this problem is slightly different from the usual “air lock” problem. You can fix it only using a turkey baster and pushing the debris out. If not, there are some hacks that the “Nespresso” community tries.

Do the following steps

  1. Pop the bottom plate of the Nespresso. Depending on your model, there can be 6 to 10 screws.
  2. Locate the water tube connecting to the base. This will usually be a transparent tube that connects to an S-tube. It should be easy to plug this out by hand.
  3. Try blowing into the tube using a syringe or turkey baster to dislodge any stubborn debris obstructing the water flow. Repeat this a few times before you try brewing again.

Note: I don’t recommend opening the machine up if your Nespresso is still under the warranty period.

This bottom tube looks similar to other Vertuo models.

Coffee Leaking

If your Vertuo machine is leaking coffee from the bottom, then start by checking your drip tray and capsule tray. Are you sure that it is not overloaded? Sometimes, the capsules can get lodged in odd places causing the coffee to leak.

However, if the tray and capsule holder is not the problem, then it is difficult to determine the issue without help from Nespresso customer support.

There could be many reasons for this issue, a problem with the capsule holder, an internal circuitry problem, or others.

Remember, a coffee-leaking Vertuo machine is often indicative of faulty internal components. Unless the issue stems from a full drip tray or neglecting regular descaling, it’s best to get assistance from customer service.

Contact customer support

Have you tried the following

  1. Checked if the leakage is clear or unclear.
  2. Based on the clarity of the water, you have completed a cleaning cycle or a descaling cycle and checked the water tank
  3. (Optional) If the leakage is primarily from the back of the machine, then you can attempt unblocking the bottom water tube.
  4. Has the leakage stopped?

If not, then contact Nespresso customer care at 800-566-0571 (US), 1-855-325-5781 (Canada), or your local Nespresso boutique.

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