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If you are searching for the caffeine content in the Nespresso capsule, note that it is not readily available anywhere. From my analysis, Carafe capsules have the highest amount of caffeine (in mg) per serving, while the Il Caffè Nespresso capsule has the highest concentration of caffeine (caffeine in mg/ml).

Nespresso Vertuo capsules are new and updated with a lot of different mug size options. To find the caffeine content precisely is difficult unless you use laboratory methods to determine the content with a 1-2% error.

However, the box value of caffeine content is partially available on the Nespresso Taiwan website. I spent 2 days preparing a data sheet and collecting all the information individually.

Additionally, this guide is split on the caffeine content of the Nespresso capsules based on the coffee bean origin used in the capsule, the Mug size of the capsule, and all caffeine content of known Vertuo capsules verified by hand.

Where can I find the caffeine content in the Nespresso pod?

Caffeine content information for Nespresso pods is limited in the US. You can estimate it by the type of bean that you can find on the box, but this is also not available for all the pods.

However, I found that the Nespresso Taiwan website has caffeine content-related information. I prepared a data-sheet while researching for this article.

You can check it in this Google sheet. The Source URL sheet has the URL for all the Taiwan Nespresso websites.

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How Bean Type Affects Caffeine Content

The caffeine content in Nespresso Vertuo capsules is significantly influenced by the type of coffee beans used in each blend. The Vertuo line includes a diverse range of beans sourced from various regions worldwide, such as Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Latin America, India, Mexico, and African countries.

Different coffee bean varieties can result in varying levels of caffeine in these capsules. For instance, coffee beans from regions like Colombia and Latin America are often associated with a milder flavor profile and contain a moderate caffeine content, typically ranging from 60 to 80 milligrams in an espresso-sized Vertuo capsule.

In contrast, coffee capsules made with beans from African countries or those labeled as “Intenso” or “Extra Intenso” may have a bolder and more robust taste, with caffeine levels potentially exceeding 100 milligrams in the same serving size.

The type of Roast (Light, Medium, or Dark) and type of Bean (Arabica or Robusta) also affect the caffeine levels and flavor profile.

I made a graph of the average caffeine content level that Nespresso Capsules are available currently. Except for Barista Creations, where various types of beans and roast levels are used to create a good blend, other coffee capsules have a straightforward bean origin.

Caffeine Content in Vertuo Pods (ONLY VERTUO)

Capsule NameCaffeineBitternessAcidityRoastinessIntensity
Ice Forte114mg/150ml0000
Roasted Hazelnut170mg/230ml1120
Sweet Vanilla166mg/230ml1120
Golden Caramel159mg/230ml1120
Rich Chocolate160mg/230ml1120
Bianco Forte160mg/230ml4050
Bianco Doppio105mg/80ml1010
Bianco Piccolo75mg/40ml2030
Alto Onice190mg/355ml3137
Alto Ambrato170mg/355ml2124
Half Caffeinato83mg/230ml2325
Melozio Decaffeinato11mg/230ml2336
Costa Rica140mg/150ml4247
El Salvador140mg/230ml1425
Fortado Decaffeinato7mg/150ml5258
Carafe Pour-Over Style Intense257mg/535ml4130
Carafe Pour-Over Style Mild230mg/535 ml2110
Altissio Decaffeinato4mg/40ml3249
Il Caffè152mg/40ml41511
Double Espresso Chiaro135mg/80ml3238
Double Espresso Scuro150mg/80ml41411
Double Espresso Dolce133mg/80ml2335
Cold Brew Style Intense137mg/230ml0000
Data table for all the caffeine content along with the intensity, acidity, bitterness, roastiness index.

All the above coffee capsules are only for the Vertuo line. This article does not include the original line capsules also. However, most of the original coffee capsules have the same ground coffee extract as the above, except for some other flavor options. So they match the same caffeine content information.

Additionally, note that not all the above capsules are for the latest Vertuo machines. This is because, the Nespresso Vertuo Next and Nespresso Vertuo pop do not support the Alto capsules anymore.

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Quantity / Range of caffeine to expect

Pod TypeMug capacityCaffeine Content
Espresso40 ml60 – 150 mg
Double Espresso80 ml130 – 165 mg
Gran Lungo150 ml120 – 195 mg
Mug230 ml150 – 200 mg
Carafe530 ml230 – 260 mg
Decaf150 ml1 – 7 mg
Information about the pod types that are available in the Vertuo Nespresso pods and the range of caffeine content.

Nespresso Barista Creations – Vertuo capsules

These four barista creations – Roasted Hazelnut, Sweet Vanilla, Golden Caramel, and Rich Chocolate – feature a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans.

They come in 230 ml mug capacity capsules and have a caffeine content ranging from 160 to 170 mg.

Among them, I particularly savor the deep nutty flavor of Roasted Hazelnut, while Rich Chocolate pairs delightfully with a touch of coffee milk

Does Intensity = Caffeine Content?

Not necessarily. The intensity level of Nespresso coffee does not directly correlate with the caffeine content.

The intensity level is typically an indicator of the coffee’s flavor profile, strength, and perceived boldness, which is influenced by factors like the roast level, bean type, and blending.

Caffeine content, on the other hand, is primarily determined by the type of coffee beans used and the serving size.

Espresso-sized capsules generally contain 60-80 milligrams of caffeine, while larger coffee capsules can have higher caffeine content, potentially exceeding 100 milligrams.

Therefore, the intensity is more about the coffee’s taste, aroma, and strength, rather than its caffeine content.

How to calculate the Caffeine content Quickly

Calculating the precise caffeine content in a cup of coffee or espresso can be a bit challenging as it depends on various factors, including the type of coffee bean, roast level, brewing method, and serving size.

Here is a basic formula that can be used as a guideline:

Caffeine Content (in milligrams) = Coffee Bean Caffeine Concentration (in milligrams per gram) x Ground Coffee Weight (in grams) x Brewed Coffee Yield (in milliliters) [Purdue][Caffeine Calculator]

For a more accurate measurement, it’s best to refer to lab-tested caffeine content data provided by coffee brands or manufacturers.

While the formula provides a general framework for caffeine content estimation, precise measurements often require laboratory testing or data from the coffee supplier for specific products. [Pubmed]

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