Aeropress not holding water | 9 easy fixes to try today

Aeropress not holding water

Is your Aeropress not holding water? The number 1 reason is improper coffee grind size (too coarse). Other reasons include, not vacuum sealing properly, poor choice of filter, bad rubber seal, wrong water temperature and wrong pouring technique. When i bought my aeropress for the first time, i had the bad habit of eyeballing water … Read more

Aeropress not plunging smoothly | 2 minute easy fix

Aeropress not plunging smoothly fixed

If you find it difficult to smoothly plunge your Aeropress, the common reasons are using store-bought coffee grounds that are very fine, not performing agitation at proper intervals, problems with the rubber seal in the piston because of poor maintenance, poor choice of filters or problem with your coffee grinder. I use my Aeropress sporadically … Read more

Nespresso Vertuo Plus vs Nespresso Citiz | Insane difference is..

This was a tough one! The winner is VertuoPlus purely based on better brewing experience with Vertuo line machines. Premium looking, multiple capsule options, and brews good espresso with rich crema. Nespresso Citiz is extremely convenient when you want to place it for others to enjoy an array of coffee capsules, while VertuoPlus is for … Read more

Nespresso Vertuo Next vs Deluxe | Premium looking is…

Vertuo Next Vs Vertuo Plus Deluxe

I researched a lot to understand Vertuo Next Deluxe but found that Vertuo Next Deluxe and Vertuo Next are similar models except for some minor color options. This article is a guide about Vertuo Next vs Vertuo Plus Deluxe or Vertuo Deluxe in some countries. The winner is Vertuo Next based on the cost-to-benefit consideration. Has a simple, compact look, is … Read more

Keurig K-express vs K-supreme | Best bang for buck is…

keurig k-express vs k-supreme

The winner is K-supreme, its superior thermal system, multistream technology and thoughtful design with a flexible water tank positioning mechanism means better usability for you. Improved strength and temperature control for coffee over ice make it the ideal home coffee maker you need. K-express is nothing less, though it doesn’t compare with K-supreme in usability … Read more

Keurig K-express vs K-slim | Perfect home coffee maker is…

Keurig K-Express vs K-Slim

This is our review of Keurig K-express vs K-slim. Unsure about finding a cheap coffee maker for everyday home use? K-express is all in all, a budget coffee maker that beats most of the recent Keurig entry-level coffee machines, while K-slim’s new Multi-stream technology is supposed to give a better-tasting coffee every time. I spent … Read more

Keurig K-express vs K-express essentials (Best no-nonsense coffee maker)

K-express vs K-express essentials

This is our review of Keurig K-express vs k-express essentials. If you are confused about the two variants available on Walmart and keurig stores, follow this guide. When I bought the K-express on Amazon, I spent over 12 hours researching all the different coffee makers. The Keurig model variants are confusing, especially the ‘essential’ variant … Read more

Keurig K-express vs K-mini | Best cheap coffee maker

keurig K-express vs K-mini

This is our review of the Keurig K-express vs K-mini, the battle of the cheapest coffee makers from Keurig. If you want fancy features, look elsewhere. Read through to find the winner of the compact coffee maker. I researched both these models and spent a whole day comparing K-mini and K-express, two cheap coffee makers … Read more