Lavazza Caffeine content | Sunburst Chart reveals…

Lavazza caffeine content

If you are searching for the caffeine content in the Lavazza capsule, note that it is not readily available anywhere. From my analysis, Modo mio capsules have the highest amount of caffeine (in mg) per serving, while the serving quantity is limited to 40-80 ml range. Additionally, Lavazza capsules can also be compatible with Nespresso Original or … Read more

Aeropress not holding water | 9 easy fixes to try today

Aeropress not holding water

Is your Aeropress not holding water? The number 1 reason is improper coffee grind size (too coarse). Other reasons include, not vacuum sealing properly, poor choice of filter, bad rubber seal, wrong water temperature and wrong pouring technique. When i bought my aeropress for the first time, i had the bad habit of eyeballing water … Read more

Aeropress not plunging smoothly | 2 minute easy fix

Aeropress not plunging smoothly fixed

If you find it difficult to smoothly plunge your Aeropress, the common reasons are using store-bought coffee grounds that are very fine, not performing agitation at proper intervals, problems with the rubber seal in the piston because of poor maintenance, poor choice of filters or problem with your coffee grinder. I use my Aeropress sporadically … Read more

Nespresso not brewing full cup (100% working fixes)

Nespresso not brewing full cup

If your Nespresso (Original or Vertuo line) is not brewing a full cup, the main reasons can be the formation of scales inside the water tube or a poorly maintained machine with coffee grounds stuck in the Needle. My Vertuo pop constantly made a poor brew, either less in quantity or watery coffee. Descaling properly, … Read more

Nespresso Vertuo Plus vs Nespresso Citiz | Insane difference is..

This was a tough one! The winner is VertuoPlus purely based on better brewing experience with Vertuo line machines. Premium looking, multiple capsule options, and brews good espresso with rich crema. Nespresso Citiz is extremely convenient when you want to place it for others to enjoy an array of coffee capsules, while VertuoPlus is for … Read more