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Why I started Home Coffee Wizard?

Coffee is a hugely popular drink, with Starbucks being the most famous coffee company [1]. But, does Starbucks really make the best coffee? While many love it, a significant number of people enjoy making their own coffee at home.

When it comes to making coffee at home, there are two main types of people:

  1. Coffee Lovers Who Do It Themselves: They get coffee beans, grind them, and use manual methods to brew their perfect cup.
  2. Those Who Like It Easy: They use pre-ground coffee, or coffee capsules, rely on coffee makers, and enjoy the simplicity of making a consistently good cup of coffee.

No matter which group you belong to, our mission is to provide a clear and reliable guide to help you make sense of home brewing.

Starting Off: Exploring the Second Option

In the beginning, we’ll focus on understanding the second option—coffee machines [2]. Coffee machines are a big deal, making up a whopping $12.29 billion industry in the US. It’s predicted that by 2028, there will be around 98 million coffee machines worldwide, which means nearly 0.04 machines for every household in the US.

The options for coffee machines are vast, leaving you wondering what to choose. Our goal is to help you figure out what machine is right for you, why it’s the right choice, and what cool brewing tricks each machine brings to the table.

What am I trying to achieve with this website?

Our endgame is to create a clear, trustworthy source—a place where every type of coffee bean, and coffee brewing technique be it manual or all coffee machines are discussed thoroughly. We want to give you the know-how to make amazing coffee at home without spending too much at coffee shops

Meet The Team

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Barath – Editor-in-Chief

I come from a country with “Filter coffee” as an everyday beverage (India). Growing up, I tasted a lot of different coffee flavors from many places. My flavor profile is practical, easy to make, at home brews. I enjoy reviewing coffee machines, the technicalities, differences, and the precise numbers that brew the perfect coffee. HomeCoffeeWizard was started as a way to share that with 1 million people.

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Our Values

  • Coffee Love: It’s the heart of everything. Our deep love for coffee drives us to share its magic with all.
  • Uncompromising Quality: We’re all in for top-notch content – whether reviewing coffee gear, machines, giving out home brewing, or troubleshooting tips for your favorite coffee maker.
  • Sustainability Matters: Our planet matters. That’s why we’re all about ethical and eco-friendly coffee sourcing and brewing.
  • Coffee for Everyone: No exclusivity here. We believe coffee knowledge should be open to all, regardless of background.
  • Let’s Have Fun: Last but not least, we’re here to have a blast. Coffee’s our jam, and getting paid to do what we love? It’s a dream come true.

How We Write Our Reviews

We try our best to lay our hands on as many products as we can for our reviews. Unfortunately, we can’t test them all firsthand, but we do manage to get our hands on quite a bunch.

For the ones that slip through our grasp, we dive into some serious research – and I mean deep research.

We spend hours digging through user reviews, binge-watching YouTube vids, and really getting into the nitty-gritty of each product. We want to know where it shines and where it falls short.

All this legwork helps us cherry-pick the products that fit like a glove for our audience.

Think of it like how you’d scout out something to buy, but we take it up a notch – we go down the rabbit hole so you don’t have to. This way, we’re shaving off the time you’d spend hunting down exactly what you need

Our Operations

You, our awesome readers, are the reason Home Coffee Wizard keeps chugging along.

Here’s the scoop: Whenever you click on a link on our website and buy a product we’ve talked about, we get a small cut (don’t sweat it, the price stays put).

This helps us keep the lights on and fuels our love for caffeine. Plus, it lets us grab even more coffee gear to test and tell you all about

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